Saturday, June 15, 2024

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GCP Short: edRISK launches property, liability programmes

Tracy Hassett, edRISK
Prabal Lakhanpal, Spring Consulting Group

In this GCP Short, produced in partnership with ⁠Spring Consulting Group⁠, Richard welcomes Tracy Hassett, president and CEO of edRISK, back onto the podcast.

⁠edRISK⁠ is a sponsored captive owner in Vermont which serves its educational institution members on a growing range of business insurance lines.

Originally formed as a group captive to support its members in reducing health insurance costs, on 1 June it went live with two new programmes for property and general liability and educators legal liability.

We are also joined by Prabal Lakhanpal, senior vice president at Spring Consulting Group, who are long term partners of edRISK and have worked closely on the restructuring and launch of these new progammes.

Tracy and Prabal talk about the evolution into a sponsored captive structure, why and how that was done, and explain why edRISK has branched out from just offering medical stop loss.

Tracy originally featured on the Global Captive Podcast in September 2020 on ⁠GCP #38⁠.

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