Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Guernsey-on-Thames, the existing solution for London

I have read with interest numerous articles discussing the possible Brexit Bonuses available to the UK. Principle among these bonuses is refining Solvency II regulation to better reflect the UK’s leading global (re)insurance industry.

The rise of captives in the Middle East: Demand reaches new heights

The Middle East has experienced rapid economic growth and diversification across various sectors, including energy, construction, finance, and healthcare. As companies expand their operations and face more complex risks, captives start to play an increasingly important role in their risk management strategies.

Captive feasibility – a Shakespeare drama

Few know that the captive concept has actually been in existence for hundreds of years, and the most learned amongst us realise that the origins can be traced back to the times of Shakespeare.

Answering the Saturday Morning Question

Ryan Dodd, CEO and Founder of Intangic, explains why it makes good sense to use a captive for cyber and how they can help predict a frequency factor to influence pricing.

ESG – what is the impact of captives?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or now better known under the label “ESG“ is a topic that has long preoccupied the insurance industry. However, it has historically been more than...

Ideal timing for UK’s captive market entrance

Christopher Lay, CEO of Marsh McLennan UK, William Thomas-Ferrand and Matthew Latham explain why they are backing the London Market Group’s captive initiative.

Navigating Disability Risks: The role of EB captives and how to manage the associated complexities

In the intricate world of corporate risk management, Employee Benefits Captives (EBCs) have risen to prominence as essential tools for organisations seeking innovative ways to address the biometric risks of their employees and their families. Within this framework, disability risks play a central role in providing financial security to employees facing disabilities.

Comparative analysis of the reinsurance captive frameworks in France and Luxembourg

The captive reinsurance market has long been on the lookout for the introduction of a dedicated French regulatory framework, with the legitimate fears it could raise for the reinsurance captive market in Luxembourg.

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GCP #101: The Boys Town captive, and MAC on life after regulating

Richard is joined by David Williams, Director of Risk Management & Safety at Boys Town, to discuss the Tennessee-captive formed by the not-for-profit in 2022, and former regulator Michael Corbett.

GCP Short: Captive utilisation by Family Offices

This GCP Short, featuring EY's Mikhail Raybshteyn and Spring's Prabal Lakhanpal, focuses on captive utilisation by Family Offices.

GCP Short: Nick Hentges on group captive growth, new lines and limits

Richard was delighted to welcome Nick Hentges, CEO of Captive Resources, back onto GCP for an in person catch up at the CICA International Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, in March.