Saturday, June 15, 2024

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GCP Short: The Extra Space Storage captive evolution

Kacey Kalian, Extra Space
Jason Flaxbeard, Brown & Brown
Bobby Mayer, Brown & Brown

This GCP Short, produced in partnership with Brown & Brown, looks in depth at the evolution and growth of the pure captive owned by ExtraSpace Storage.

Extra Space is a publicy listed real estate investment trust that invests in and manages self storage facilities and has grown incredibly quickly in recent years, as you will hear.

While at RISKWORLD in San Diego earlier this month, Richard sat down with Kacey Kalian, VP of risk management at ExtraSpace, alongside his captive managers and consultants Jason Flaxbeard and Bobby Mayer, of Brown & Brown.

Kacey shared the journey of ExtraSpace, both as a business and captive owner, and explained how the captive strategy has been a key business enabler and profit maker in its own right for the company.

The trio also discuss, in depth, how its tenant insurance programme works and some keys to success.

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