Monday, February 26, 2024

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Hicks and Dewhurst new member managers for EMEA

MAXIS Global Benefits Network (MAXIS GBN) has appointed Suzanna Hicks and Nathan Dewhurst as member managers, to support the network’s local insurers across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions.

Hicks and Dewhurst join Rebeca Kinloch, member manager for the Americas region, and Brian Park, member manager for Asia-Pacific (APAC), to complete the member management team.

“We’re delighted to have Suzanna and Nathan join our Member Management team, and I am confident that they will do an excellent job of supporting our network members across the EMEA region,” said Iliyana Mladenova, chief operating officer at MAXIS GBN.

“Suzanna has great experience and PMI product knowledge, having worked at one of our network members for the past five years, and Nathan has worked closely with our clients and broker partners in the past, so they both bring a new perspective to the team.”

Hicks and Dewhurst will represent local insurers and their needs across MAXIS GBN projects and initiatives, deliver training and education, and maintain the relationships between MAXIS and its members.

MAXIS GBN has a network of over 140 members globally, with around 50 of these being based in the EMEA region.

“Collaborating with, and offering support to, our network members all over the world is fundamental to the success of MAXIS GBN as a business, and we’re looking forward to seeing how Suzanna and Nathan can help both MAXIS and the network meet our shared goals,” Mladenova added.