Monday, February 26, 2024

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Insurwave works with speciality insurance teams across logistics, marine, aviation and energy organisations to modernise their insurance interactions. The Insurwave platform  was  developed from a client’s perspective, focusing on the insurance buyer’s needs and challenges they face.

The comprehensive SaaS technology platform liberates the entire insurance chain  from painstaking admin so that insurance buyers now have the time to focus on identifying and managing new and emerging risks. 

The platform provides easy access to real time, reliable source of quality data plus enhanced valuable insights, meaning insurance buyers now have everything in one place needed to make quicker and better insurance decisions for their business.   

Founded in 2018, Insurwave has continually advanced its technology platform in response to insurance buyers’ requirements and now supports over 50 clients globally. That’s over 11,000 assets (vessels, ports & terminals, aircraft and property), including 8% of the global marine fleet, with a combined insurance value of $120bn that are now active on the Insurwave platform.


David Power

CEO, Insurwave