Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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MAXIS partners with Maven Clinic specialising in women’s and family health

MAXIS Global Benefits Network (MAXIS GBN) has partnered with New York-based Maven Clinic, a virtual clinic for women’s and family health.

The partnership is the latest addition to the MAXIS wellness technology marketplace.

MAXIS is the international employee benefits joint venture between MetLife and AXA, providing fronting and programme management services for employee benefits programmes around the world, including fronting for captives.

The MAXIS marketplace consists of third-party suppliers that provide global wellness options to multinationals and their employees.

MAXIS GBN clients can now offer employees access to Maven’s virtual clinic specialising in women’s and family health.

“The landscape for family-building and reproductive healthcare varies around the world, making it especially important for employers to find a trusted partner who not only understands the local nuances of each region, but can also provide high-quality, personalised care at scale,” said Leila Thabet, VP for Global Growth at Maven Clinic.

“Maven is proud to be this partner to many of the world’s top multinational employers, and to have supported women and families globally for nearly a decade.”

The services available include fertility and family building, maternity and newborn care, parenting and paediatrics, and menopause and ongoing care.

Employees can also meet with virtual practitioners across 30 types of specialties who aim to meet their needs, culture and language preferences, and time zones.

“I’m delighted we are adding Maven Clinic to our wellness technology marketplace,” said Dr Leena Johns, chief health & wellness officer at MAXIS GBN.

“As diversity, equity and inclusion continues to rise up corporate agendas, it’s vital that multinationals have access to services that can truly support all of their people, at all stages of life, wherever they are in the world. “Maven Clinic is an expert and a global leader for women’s and family health, and we’re excited to work with them to support our clients and their people.”