Monday, February 26, 2024

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Stonefort Group stands as one of the largest and most successful insurance, reinsurance, and captive management businesses in Luxembourg. Established in 2000 and with an excellent A.M. Best A- rating, Stonefort Group provides bespoke B2B solutions to those seeking advanced alternative risk management solutions. Entrepreneurship is built on trust and principles, and mastering risk management is essential. Stonefort Group’s underwriting philosophy and risk appetite places the effective management of risk at the core of its risk selection process. 

Based in Luxembourg, a center of excellence for insurance and reinsurance, and the top European captive domicile, the Group comprises of three integrated business units – Stonefort Insurance, Stonefort Reinsurance, and Stonefort Captive Management – enabling it to offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop experience for a broad range of risk exposures and business activities worldwide. 

The importance of a reliable and financially sound insurance partner has never been more critical, and Stonefort Group has the independence, credentials, experience, and financial strength to be the trusted partner of choice. 

With regards to Stonefort Captive Management, it is a fully independent provider for captive management services, offering also strategic advice and guidance, as well as extensive support for clients’ needs throughout the entire duration of their business cycle. Our expertise and our business units’ integration allow us to provide clients with upper-class services to optimize operational efficiency and cost reduction, while also promoting robustness against market volatility. At the same time, our solutions ensure that the model upholds good governance and duty of care, as well as adheres to corporate social responsibility. By entrusting us with their needs, clients can rest assured that their risks are in safe and sound hands. 

At Stonefort, we understand that captive management is a complex endeavor, and our clients need to be assured that their requirements are properly met. That is why our team is dedicated to providing the very best in terms of specialized advice and support, with an emphasis on ensuring that clients receive the solutions they need. With our assistance, clients can expect a captive management process that is tailored to their individual needs, while offering the highest levels of protection.


John Morrey

Group Chief Executive Officer

fabrice volkaerts

Group Chief Operating Officer

bertrand gilson

Client Relationship Manager