Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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VCIA partners rising professionals to promote next generation

Several rising captive professionals have partnered with the Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA) to formalise the Vermont Captive Insurance Emerging Leaders (VCIEL), in a bid to help address the challenge of developing the next generation’s captive workforce.

The group will be a platform not only to recruit students to the industry, but cultivate emerging talent already working in captives.

“VCIA is proud to work with the VCIEL to take strategic actions that yield positive results for the industry,” said VCIA President Kevin Mead.

“We take this workforce challenge seriously and the group is a deliberate way to seek effective solutions.”

Brittany Nevins, a major catalyst for the group and the captive insurance economic development director for the State of Vermont, said: “We are at a critical time in our industry where there’s rapid growth captive formations, while those who are providing services to these companies are retiring faster than those entering the industry.

“We will address this challenge proactively in Vermont with VCIEL.”

Formed under the auspices of VCIA, VCIEL aims to preserve and advance Vermont’s captive domicile status through developing a new and diverse talent base to contribute to the State’s captive community and add value to the industry worldwide.

VCIEL holds regular meetings and welcomes more captive professionals to bolster its group.

It will provide student outreach and networking opportunities, as well as build out a roster of speakers to add fresh energy to the captive conference circuit.

Ian Davis, senior vice president of captive insurance at M&T Bank and a member of VCIEL, said: “Vermont is home to one of the largest networks of experienced and knowledgeable captive insurance professionals in the world.

“VCIEL represents one way to leverage the expertise that exists to promote the state, highlight captive insurance career opportunities, and support future leaders.”