Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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GCP Exclusive: The merger of RISCS and Cutts-Watson Consulting

Oliver Schofield, RISCS
Malcolm Cutts-Watson, Cutts-Watson Consulting

In this GCP Exclusive, Richard is joined by Oliver Schofield, Managing Partner at RISCS, and Malcolm Cutts-Watson, Founder and Executive Chairman at Cutts-Watson Consulting, as they break the news on the merger of the two independent consulting firms into RISCS CWC.

Olly and Malcolm discuss how the conversation started last year, the motivations behind the merger and what their ambitions are. They also explain what role they are keen to play and the services they can provide to insurance buyers and the global captive insurance market.

For more information on RISCS CWC, visit their Friend of the Podcast page here.