Sunday, April 21, 2024

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GCP Short: Fronting, parametrics, cyber and reflections from ECF 2023

Emma Sansom, Zurich
Francesco Capraro, Sigurd Ruck

In this GCP Short, produced in partnership with ⁠Zurich Insurance⁠, Richard is joined by Emma Sansom, group head of captives at Zurich, and Francesco Capraro, reinsurance captive operations manager for Saipem’s Switzerland-domiciled captive, Sigurd Ruck.

Emma, Francesco and Richard spend 30 minutes reflecting on some of the themes emerging from the European Captive Forum in Luxembourg, including discussion on fronting and reinsurance structures, parametric products, cyber and what needs to be done to secure the next generation of talent for the captive industry.

Richard references a previous GCP Short on cyber risk and captives, featuring the Solvay insurance team and CISO. ⁠Listen to it here⁠.

For more information on Zurich Insurance and its captive services, visit its ⁠Friend of the Podcast page here⁠.

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