Friday, December 1, 2023

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EY’s Global Captive Network and Americas Captive Insurance Services teams combine technical knowledge with practical industry experience to tailor services to our client’s business needs. Combing our deep knowledge across markets and industries and sectors with global understanding of technical issues helps reduce inefficiencies, mitigate risk and make the most of emerging opportunities for any client. Our holistic approach allows us to integrate services seamlessly with finance, risk management, tax and business units. Accordingly, through consultation and communication, our teams provide insights and drive value for key stakeholders, allowing them to stay engaged in all aspects of our service offerings.  Uncertainty and risk are inevitable. 

EY’s Captive Insurance Services teams help clients navigate the current environment through a multidisciplinary approach that identifies business risks across their organizations, assesses and quantifies the value of shifting risk into a centralized structure, and allows clients to more effectively control and hedge risks in a financially efficient manner.

We are able to share market insights and critical information that allow our current and new clients evaluate the economics of non-traditional products, alternative structures, contractual agreements, and various domiciles. In executing the holistic approach, our team will assess the tax qualification and impact of potential risk transfers as well as highlight specific treasury or capital aspects. Our goal is to provide our clients with information in a collaborative manner that will allow them to make an informed decision on the viability and value of recommended alternative arrangements.

The EY Global Captive Network and Americas Captive Insurance Services team provides technical knowledge and industry experience across markets and sectors, paired with a holistic portfolio of service offerings including assurance, advisory and insurance process, actuarial, risk management, tax compliance and tax consulting across US Federal, Foreign & State income and indirect taxes as well as transfer pricing matters.

Our clients need a plan that weighs all the options and should not just settle for high expenses as a necessary cost of doing business. EY team works hard to make efficient operations a reality.



Partner, EY Global Captive Network Co-Leader


Partner, EY Global Captive Network Co-Leader


EY Americas Captive Insurance Services Co-Leader


Partner, EY Americas Captive Insurance Services Co-Leader

Vittorio Zaniboni

Luxembourg Captive Insurance Services Leader

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Partner, Japan Captive Insurance Services Leader

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Partner, Asia Pacific Captive Insurance Services Leader

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Partner, EY Captive Insurance Assurance Services Center of Excellence Leader